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a little bit about me

Jim is over-educated:  he has a B.A. in English from UCLA; an M.A. in English from Tulane University; and a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Southern California.  He also has a TEFL certificate from TEFL International in Kolkata, India.  Don't ask him to do anything practical.

He is a ten-year veteran of the Brave New Workshop (Sex in the Cities; Happiness for Dummies; Electile Dysfunction; Home for the Hostilities; among others) and performed in the Off-Beat Comedy Club onboard the Disney Magic.  Jim is the proud co-author (and male prop) of Julie Grover McArdle's Results Not Typical (along with Brian Beatty), and was recently seen as the waiter in Joseph Scrimshaw's Adventures in Mating at the Bryant Lake Bowl.  Jim performed in and co-wrote We Gotta Bingo for Actors Theater of Minnesota and co-wrote Pride and Plot of Pointlessness with Shanan Wexler for Hang Kitty Productions.  On his own Jim wrote and co-produced Whistling Past the Graveyard (Found Money Productions), and has appeared in War of the Worlds: the Musical (Hometown Theatre), S.O.S. (Mainly Me Productions), and as the psychologist in HUGE Theater's Ordinary People...But Not!  He was an original cast member of KSTC's Comedy Hotel, produced by Kim Schultz.  He feels confident that no one saw him in Soaked in Lye.

Jim has performed in touring shows and corporate entertainment for Out of the Blue, Brave New Communications, Strong Coffee Ink, and Under the Radar Productions.  He has taught improvisation at the Brave New Institute, HUGE Improv Theater, and the Guthrie.

When not on stage, he teaches psychology at St. Catherine University and at the University of St. Thomas.  Jim hails from Riverside, California.

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what clients and colleagues have said

There is a man named Jim Robinson.  He is one of my favorite human beings.  He is tall, handsome, intelligent, hilarious and—more often than not—openly bewildered by life.Joseph Scrimshaw, Writer and Comedian
A lot of the people in our group were very much outside of their comfort zones but he created a very safe and fun space for everyone to explore their creativity and let go of their inhibitions a bit.Cargill Workshop Participant
Jim Robinson, always in his element in sketch work, has comic timing hard-wired inside him.  [He] is capable of making the verging-on-pointless ... to the fundamentally serious ... equally funny.Janet Preus, HowWasTheShow.com
He makes the class very interesting and entertaining, and explains the material really well through the use of examples and stories.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone.Student Evaluation, St. Catherine University

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